General privacy policy

This website is hosted on a server of Saarland University. The privacy notice for Saarland University websites applies, with the following exception:

While we use Matomo to collect anonymized information about visits to this website, we do not use cookies to track you (and hence you can ignore the section about opting out of cookie tracking). This ensures your privacy better than the university’s default policy. As described on the university’s website, we collect only the first two bytes of your IP address, ensuring your anonymity.

Job applications

If you send us a job application by email to, the contents of your email will be stored on Trello while we process your application. Please see Trello’s privacy policy and the GDPR policy of Atlassian, Trello’s parent company, for details. We will retain your data only while we are processing each round of applications and will delete the Trello board afterwards. Only the PIs and the administrative personnel of the RTG will have access to your application.

If you find storing your application data on Trello an unacceptable risk, you can instead email your application to This will forward the application to the RTG speaker and the administrative personnel directly, and we will then store your application on university servers. Access to your application will be limited to the same people as above.

Important: Please use this method only as a last resort. Any application you send to info (even as a duplicate or cc of your email to apply) causes us extra manual work, so we would greatly appreciate it if you could use apply if at all possible.